Beer & Candy Sandwiches

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People I'm crushing on: Gloria AnzuldĂșa / Swoon / Stacyann Chin / Janet Mock / Natasha Trethewey / Nikky Finney / Maluca / Gabrielle Calvocoressi / Jiz Lee / Eduardo C. Corral / Junot Diaz / Terrance Hayes / Jesmyn Ward.

Things I Like: Poetry / Hard & Soft Femmes / Butch Queers / Iceland / Intersectional Feminism / Yellow Mustard / Queer Stuff / Nail Polish / Tattoos / Cats / Baking.

This is a NSFW blog.

This week:

I got into the FemSex workshop.

I got into Pittsburgh’s grad program with full funding. 

I had two really awesome meet-ups off of okc.

I taught my first class at School One.

I had sushi and champagne and a burger and almost threw up because i couldn’t stop dancing and jumping with glee.


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